In-office and Surgical Procedures

Westside Podiatry strives for the right balance between clinical and surgical options to suit your foot care goals and lifestyle.  

We provide in-office procedures for issues that can be managed in our procedure rooms, as well as possible surgical options for more complicated issues. 

If you are experiencing any foot care issues that you believe may be cause for a procedure- schedule an appointment today.

In-office Procedures

All three of our locations at Westside Podiatry include an in-office procedure room where less complicated issues can typically be treated during your scheduled appointment.  In-office procedures do not need anesthesia and may be treated with or without numbing agents.  After your procedure, your podiatrist may encourage follow up appointments to ensure that your issue is resolving.

Surgical Procedures

At Westside Podiatry surgical procedures may be offered after a scheduled, in-office consultation visit.  During this appointment, your podiatrist will take in-office x-rays to help you understand the issue and an anticipated course for healing and recovery.  Our team will work with you to schedule your surgery at a nearby hospital or surgery center that suits your needs.  

For in-depth information on issues related to in-office or surgical procedures, check out the handouts below from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons:


Bone Healing


Crossover Toe

Instructions for Using Crutches



Haven’t found what you’re looking for?  Call one of our locations today.  Our staff will help you understand the issue and set up an appointment to meet your needs.