Foot Care Tips for Winter Weather

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Winter is coming!  There is a chill in the air here in Rochester and the feeling that winter is on its way is on all of our minds.  Here at Westside Podiatry Group, we know how important that it is for our patients to follow a good foot care regimen when preparing for winter weather. 

When it comes to winter weather good foot care means being mindful of a few extra steps to stay safe and healthy all season long. Boot season, cold extremities, and space heaters are just a few things that come to mind when we think about some of the problems the winter can bring. 

For a safe and fun winter for your feet, check out the foot care tips below:

  • Check for blisters in your snow boots! Any time you wear a shoe or boot that you haven’t worn in a while or a new one, visually inspect your feet after a short period of use for any signs of rubbing or blistering.  This can lead to wounds when left untreated.


  • Make it a routine to check on any elderly friends and family, make sure they are keeping warm enough. Frost bite, wound complications, and complications of circulation issues are very prevalent in the winter months.


  • Watch out for frost bite! Avoid prolonged periods outside in the cold, especially without the appropriate protective boots and cold gear.


  • Warming up with a bath or by the fire is wonderful. However, if you have any circulation problems or neuropathy (lack of sensation), be very careful to ensure you are not causing any burns.  Check the bath water with an elbow and don’t rest your feet too close to the fire!


  • BE CAREFUL with space heaters. Avoid resting your feet on them.  Do not drape a blanket over them.  Do not leave them on while asleep.  This can lead to burns and can also be a fire hazard.


  • Heating blankets are nice and cozy, but we have seen these cause burns before. Please don’t sleep with an electric blanket on or plugged in.


  • Lotion, lotion, lotion! The cold outside and the furnace inside can cause excessively dry skin and cracking, make sure to stay moisturized on the feet as well as the rest of the body.


  • Look out for ice. Slips and falls, especially in parking lots, are a large cause for injury in the winter months.  Wear shoes and boots that help prevent falls.


  • Lastly, don’t wait. If any of these or other issues present themselves, give us a call. 


Westside Podiatry Group offers same or next day appointments if needed and can work with you to begin resolving any problem that you might have.  Foot care issues are easier to treat the quicker we get to working together!  We’ll work with you to keep you active and on your feet all winter long!

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