Spring Forward with Healthy Feet

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It’s official: Spring has sprung!  Here in Rochester, we make sure to take full advantage of the beautiful spring weather; getting outside and getting active as much as possible.

Are you dusting off those running shoes and preparing to hit the pavement?  Pulling out the gardening gloves and getting your hands dirty? Packing for a hike in the great outdoors?  

For a lot of us, coming out of our winter hibernation can lead to a strain on our bodies that might end up in an injury.  

Our team at Westside Podiatry will keep you healthy, active, and on your feet; ready to tackle all of your best Spring plans!

New workout programs and changes in activity levels are a major cause of lower extremity injuries.  From stress fractures to tendonitis, this time of the year is full of these types of overuse problems.  Many of these injuries have the possibility of resolving themselves with simple rest, ice, and elevation, yet some of them require a more professional touch.

Do not get discouraged!  At the Westside Podiatry Group we want to work with you to continue towards your goals.  If you are coming out of your winter hibernation to enjoy the new sunlight, don’t let an injury stop you.   

Here are some signs that resting and icing may not be enough and professional treatment is warranted:

-Continued pain after an appropriate rest and ice period.

-Consistent re-injury of the same site.

-A feeling of instability or feeling “off balance”

-Swelling around a focal area

-A feeling of grinding or popping

Have any questions or concerns?  Give our office a call today!

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