How to prepare for your podiatry appointment.

Answering questions before and during your podiatry appointment can take a little time- but learning this information helps your podiatrist to better understand your concerns and develop a treatment plan that meets your needs. 

Sometimes our patients can be surprised by some of the questions we ask when they are being evaluated during their appointments.  Initial visits at an office involve a variety of aspects; from intake into the office, to physical examinations, to a discussion about treatment options. 

One of the most important aspects to reach a correct diagnosis as well as making sure that your treatment is right for you, is the patient interview. 

Be prepared for your next visit by considering the following questions!

  • What issue would you like evaluated or treated?
  • When does the problem bother you?  How often? For how long has it bothered you?
  • Have you tried treating it on your own, or sought formal treatment previously?
  • What time of day does it bother you?
  • Do certain shoes make it worse or better?
  • Do certain activities make it worse or better?
  • Were you involved in an accident at the area of concern, big or small?
  • What part of your foot bothers you? 

There are a variety of other questions your podiatrist could ask you, but starting with this list will give your doctor some insight into how we can better help you!  Taking the time to help us understand your foot care goals allows us to work as a team to create the best treatment plan possible.

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